Rubber Fertilizer


AJIB® CRF, a Controlled-Release Fertilizer (CRF), consists of complete and balanced 16 macro- and micronutrients. AJIB® CRF is a water-soluble fertilizer, specially formulated to provide optimum nutrition requirements for both the young rubber trees (1-5 years old) and matured rubber trees (>5 years old, initial tapping) grown on tropical soils. The use of Polimer Coated Agglomeration Technology (PCAT) in this Controlled-Release Fertilizer enables AJIB® CRF to increase nutrients uptake efficiency and reduce nutrients leaching losses. The synergy of PCAT and efficient plant nutrients uptake, coupled with yield increase may have a high potential in reducing plantation’s fertilizer cost. Besides, the selected micronutrients available in AJIB® CRF will not only increase dry rubber yield, but more importantly, reducing many root and stem diseases incidence common in the rubber plantation. AJIB® CRF also contains high water-soluble phosphorus (P), which is vital to develop good girth measurement for early tapping and better regeneration of the rubber tree bark for efficient tapping.


AJIB® CRF was registered with the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia in 2010 as a Controlled-Release Fertilizer able to prevent leaching process and help reduce nutrient losses due to heavy rain in the tropics (Patent No.: MY-150605-A).








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