Straight Fertilizer


Straight fertilizer is the fertilizer that usually contains one nutrient element. Straight fertilizer is the option for plantation owners to maintain the nutrient requirement at reasonable budget. Our company can supply straight fertilizer as shown below:

1. Ammonium Sulphate (N)
2. Diammonium Phosphate (P)
3. Muriate of Potash (K)
4. Calcium (Ca)
5. Sulphur (S)
6. Kieserite (Mg)
7. Sodium Borate (B)
8. Copper Sulphate Penta (Cu)
9. Chloride (Cl)
10. Iron (Fe)
11. Ammonium Molybdate (Mo)
12. Zinc Sulphate Hepta (Zn)
13. Manganese Sulphate (Mn)


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