Foliar Fertilizer

Foliar Fertilizer



VITA-GROW® PLUS is a foliar fertilizer that contains complete and balanced plant nutrients. It is also enriched with plant growth regulators, non-ionic adjuvant and organically-bound micronutrients, which are stable upon storage or when mixing with most pesticide. Foliar application of VITA-GROW® PLUS provides rapid utilization of nutrients and permits the correction of observed deficiencies in less time than by soil fertilizer application, especially during the critical growth stages. It is also an excellent supplement to soil fertilizer applications.

Many years of research at UPM have shown that VITA-GROW® PLUS increased crop yield and enhanced the quality. The findings on positive yield response on rice have been observed by many government agencies and individual farmers throughout Malaysia. In 2002, Malaysian Agriculture Research and Development Institute (MARDI) recommended the usage of VITA-GROW® PLUS for rice production and also acknowledged the quality of VITA-GROW® PLUS exceeded the “Australian NST Standards” (MARDI Project No: NP 0090/10).

In plant producing excessive leaves due to nutrients imbalances, application of VITA-GROW® PLUS is able to stimulate flowering, leading to better fruit setting. Application of VITA-GROW® PLUS has also shown to prevent the shedding of flowers and buds. Scientific reports have shown that when plants reach the reproductive stage, the absorption capacity of nutrients by their root is limited. At this stage, spraying the plants with VITA-GROW® PLUS has shown to increase yield significantly, possibly due to better nutrients balance, resulting in the movement of nutrients from the source (leaves and roots) to the sink (reproductive parts). VITA-GROW® PLUS has been in the market since March 2000, and has been the recipient of the Invention and Competition Award by the Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment of Malaysia, July 2001. Other benefits of using VITA-GROW® PLUS were:

  • Increased plant yield and enhance crop quality;
  • Stimulate flowering, leading to better fruit setting; and
  • Prevent shedding of flowers and buds.




ROBUST® is high calcium-foliar fertilizer specially formulated to produce good quality paddy seeds and enhance fruit production. Foliar applications of ROBUST® would stimulate better cell wall and bio-membrane formation and also will initiate the process of lignification, which help reduce fungal diseases outbreak. Lignin adds significant mechanical strength to plant cell walls and reduces the susceptibility of the walls to the attack by pathogen. Calcium is essential for the stability of bio-membranes. Calcium polygalactronates are required in the middle lamella for the cell wall stability. Hence, fruit crops applied with ROBUST® not only improve storage quality, but also enhances fruit sweetness due to higher photosynthetic rate due to absorption of micronutrients present in ROBUST®.








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