ZAPPA or “Zap Padi Angin” is specially formulated as paddy seed treatment to enhance rapid seed germination for direct seeding rice grown under aerobic and anaerobic systems. ZAPPA® PLUS treated paddy seeds increased the root and shoot growth. Paddy seeds treated with active oxygen in ZAPPA® PLUS were able to grow vigorously under anaerobic direct seeding (about 5 cm water depth), thereby, delayed or suffocated the untreated weedy rice seeds present in the soil.

MARDI researchers in Tg. Karang and Bertam had also evaluated effectiveness of ZAPPA® PLUS for seed germination and the control of the paddy angin. The result showed that seeds treated with ZAPPA® PLUS were able to grow at 5 and 15 cm of water depth. Others benefits of using ZAPPA® PLUS were i) reduce weeds problem, ii) reduce rat attack because of standing water, iii) conserved water usage (water was not removed after plowing), iv) reduce seed borne diseases, and v) increase seed purity.

Since March 2001, about 75,000 liters of ZAPPA® PLUS were sold. Many farmers had accepted ZAPPA® PLUS for both the aerobic and anaerobic direct seeding due to it effects on seedling vigor that helps to compete with the weeds growth. ZAPPA® PLUS had received 3 awards, Gold Medal for Invention & Research Exhibition Awards 2002, UPM, Silver Medal for Invention and Innovation Exhibition, Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment of Malaysia, 2002, and Silver Medal from the 32nd International Exhibition of Inventions, New Techniques and Products at Geneva, 2004.


Benefits of ZAPPA

  • Reduce weeds problem
  • Reduce rat attack because of standing water
  • Conserved water usage (water was not removed after plowing)
  • Reduce seed borne diseases
  • Increase seed purity