Diversatech Fertilizer

Diversatech-new-oficeDiversatech (M) Sdn. Bhd. had its humble beginning with its main focus on improving yields in paddy and oil palm sectors through the formulation of BALANCE and EFFICIENT fertilizers. In our journey, we have set a new standard of corporate performance, quality products, soil and plant analyses and fertilizer recommendation services to meet the world class standard.

Our specialisation

Fertilizer Production

We are specialized in Controlled Release Fertilizer production and Micro-nutrient Fertilizer utilizing only the best material and produced using state of the art technology

Research & Development

The establishment of our company is based on a strong R&D team. Our specialized researchers are the best in Fertilizer R&D ensuring our product quality are at its best.


We offers consultation services to our clients in finding the best combination of fertilizer that will increase the yield of your crop. With our strong technical and research advisers, we will provide the best solution for your plantation development.


Pioneer in Controlled Release Fertilizer

Knowledgeable & Experience

Dedicated team of scientist with a view of innovative approach and one of them was awarded with National Academic Award 2007 of Malaysia.

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Strong Research & Development

We are truly focused on innovation through extensive Research & Development of our products in ensuring the highest standard in Fertilizer Development

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Innovation in Agriculture Industry

Our company, Diversatech Fertiizer is driven by Innovation to ensure we hold a great competitive advantage that will benefited the agriculture industry.

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New Technology

Our Controlled Released Fertilizer are the best in the world utilizing sound technology and innovation practices which are our key of success.

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Precise Agriculture Practice

Our fertilizers are engineered and applied with predetermined best practice to ensure good cost control with outstanding yield output.

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International Quality

Our core products, Controlled Released Fertilizer (CRF) are develop and produced according to International Standards to ensure outstanding quality.

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  • “Penggunaan baja dari Diversatech Fertilizer telah meningkatkan hasil pengeluaran ladang kelapa sawit saya dan  ianya terbukti menjimatkan keseluruhan kos baja yang diperlukan jika dibandingkan dengan penggunaan baja yang lain.”

    Abdul Rahman
    Pengusaha Ladang

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